Four Added to GENI Science Council

[GENI has been superseded by NetSE]

WASHINGTON, DC, October 11, 2007

The Computing Community Consortium is pleased to announce the addition of four members to the Science Council for the Global Environment for Networking Innovations (GENI). The new members will join 15 current members of the council in providing scientific guidance for the GENI project—a proposed experimental facility to allow research on a wide variety of problems in communications, networking, and distributed systems.

"The new members will expand the breadth of research expertise on the GENI Science Council," said Edward Lazowska, Chair of the CCC Council.

The new members are:

Joan Feigenbaum,
Henry Ford II Professor of Computer Science, Yale University

James A. Hendler,
Tetherless World Senior Constellation Chair, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Michael Kearns,
National Center Chair in Resource Management and Technology, University of Pennsylavnia

Larry Peterson,
Chair of Computer Science, Princeton University

The GENI Science Council was originally established in March 2007 by the CCC, in partnership with the National Science Foundation. The Science Council will produce a comprehensive research plan that describes the scientific and engineering research questions that GENI will make possible to address, the educational opportunities that GENI will afford, and the industrial collaborations the GENI will invite. Members of the GENI Science Council were selected from a pool of more than 100 individuals nominated by the computing community representing roughly 20 research areas.

Further information on the GENI program, including the composition of the Science Council, can be found on the web at