Computing Community Consortium Welcomes New Council Members

WASHINGTON, DC, March 15, 2012

The Computing Research Association (CRA), in consultation with the National Science Foundation (NSF), today appointed four new members to the Computing Community Consortium, each with three-year terms through January 2015:

+ Liz Bradley, Professor of Computer Science, University of Colorado at Boulder;
+ Susan Davidson, Weiss Professor and Chair of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania;
+ Joseph Evans, Deane E. Ackers Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, University of Kansas; and
+ Shashi Shekhar, McKnight Distinguished University Professor of Computer Science, University of Minnesota.

In addition, CRA re-appointed Anita Jones, University Professor Emerita in the computer science department at the University of Virginia, and Ran Libeskind Hadas, Csilla and Walt Foley Professor and Department Chair in computer science at Harvey Mudd College, to terms ending in January 2014 and January 2015, respectively.

The CCC - established in 2007 through a cooperative agreement between CRA and NSF - serves as a catalyst and enabler for the computing research community. It seeks to provide leadership and mechanisms for bringing the community together to identify revolutionary, high-impact research directions that serve to shape the future of the field. Since its inception, the CCC has communicated to a broad audience, including Federal policy makers, the many ways in which advances in computing are creating a brighter future for society and contributing to the nation's competitiveness. Most recently, the CCC organized and ran a daylong symposium in Washington, DC, on the "Impact of NITRD" - the Federal program, spanning 18 Federal agencies and nearly $4 billion in funding, that has supported many of the game-changing advances in networking and information technology research and development over the last two decades.

Today's appointments to the CCC maintain 18 Council members with three-year staggered terms, such that about six rotate every January, plus Council Chair Ed Lazowska (University of Washington) and Council Vice Chair Susan Graham (University of California at Berkeley). Erwin Gianchandani served as the full-time staff director of the CCC.

To learn more about the Council, see members' bios here.

The CCC, together with CRA and NSF, thank those Council members whose terms ended at the beginning of this year for their exceptional dedication and service to the CCC during its startup phase - and to the broader computing research community:

+ Stephanie Forrest, University of New Mexico
+ Chris Johnson, University of Utah;
+ Frans Kaashoek, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and
+ Robin Murphy, Texas A&M University

About CRA: The CRA was established 40 years ago and has members at more than 250 research entities in academia, industry, and government. Its mission is to strengthen research and advance education in computing fields, expand opportunities for women and minorities, and improve public and policymaker understanding of the importance of computing and computing research in society.

For more information: Visit the Computing Community Consortium online at or, or contact Dr. Ann W. Drobnis, CCC Director ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).