About the CRA Bulletin

The Bulletin provides pointers to reports and other information that might be of interest to the public, as well as computing researchers, students and administrators. Topics covered include CS/CE student and faculty demographics, salaries, R&D, and the IT workforce. Other items of interest, such as events, will also be added occasionally.

The intention is to create a source for reliable information rather than 'breaking news' or editorials. Instead of dealing with large reports in a single entry, individual graphs or issues will be given their own entries. For example, the NSF's Science & Engineering Indicators report might have 10 entries, viewable by clicking on the S&E Indicators 'category' in the right-side menu.

Opinions expressed in the Bulletin do not represent those of CRA as an organization.

Questions or suggestions for content? E-mail Jay Vegso: jvegso [at] cra.org


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